• Intelligent control system with large touch screen display.  Available in various different languages display menu, easy to operate.
  • The sensors can detect the size of towels and adjust the width accordingly.  The lateral fold is done with folding plate.
  • The coder installed on the shaft measures the length of towel and selects folding method accordingly. The first cross fold is done via positive-reverse run and air blow.  
  • The innovative machine design will adjust its template to suit the thickness and weight of towel to ensure good quality folding and execute the second cross fold.  
  • The second cross fold is done by special positive-reverse run and air blow, and an adjustable transport platform is 
  • Discharge precisely positioned.  Automatically and fast.  
  • Intelligent control adopted, combining with international technology of computer and communication, the controlling system is designed for actual requirements of towel folder folding, which posseses individual built-in software and comprehensive detecting function.
  • Programs can be made as desired.  Manual and automatic modes are available.  Full automation and easy operation can simply perform folding for many kinds of towel.  
  • An autostretch device is installed for discharge, which can stretch and retract so as to transfer the piles of 

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